Monday, 31 October 2011

Happy, Happy Halloween

Halloween is a relief for the depressives and personality disorders alike. We can be ourselves - minus the fake smiles, lies about what we've been up to and overall social etiquette - and stand alone, stare through people and should anyone try and talk to us "I'm going to kill you" Ahahahaha" "No seriously, I'm going to kill you" (pause) "Ahahahaha" It feels good to say it out loud.

It's funny (as in odd) that for one night of the year only, seeing someone with a slit throat, or a knife in their chest is funny (as in mildly hilarious). I wonder if there is the same atmosphere in A&E, doctors in hysterics as they try and stop the blood pouring out of an open wound in intensive care, news readers biting their lip as they announce it in a news flash.

Just a thought.

Happy Halloween.

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