Sunday, 29 July 2012

Misery Is Comedy

This here article rings true.. we as a nation are warming to misery and finding it comical and stand ups are digging out their darkest material. 

Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Fast Forwarding Tapes

I'm absolutely devastated to say that many people with bipolar unfortunately can't drink sensibly, or, they can drink sensibly but it becomes a game of Russian Roulette, we never know when the bullets in the drink. It's not that we're alcoholics but major impulsives. 

A dear friend of mine recently graduated from rehab, I asked him “What happens if you get an urge to drink?” and he simply replied “I fast forward the tape to the end of the night” and I know exactly what he meant.

Friday, 20 July 2012

The Dating Game

I joined the writing team of N16 magazine this month, and also became part of the writing team for Mental Healthy (formerly Uncovered magazine) who I've written for before, two amazing, insightful and colorful mags, and what with the recent Jubilee, my current exhibition and the Olympics coming up I've been making a LOT of bunting, so, I haven't been blogging much. The article above (and thats me) is about my very own dating (disasters). Here's an extract..

"I wonder how much time it would save us in the long run if we were just as honest as we possibly can be on our dating profiles. Here's mine for example.. “Female, early thirties, living in vibrant area of London, textiles artist, loves documentaries, live music, is fun, intelligent, kind seeking similar man.” What I really mean is “Female (true), mid thirties, living in ex housing estate in close to the Hackney riots, does knitting, watches Women Who Kill and Embarrassing Bodies every night, been to see Chas N' Dave (twice), is lively and prone to mood swings if forgets medication, can complete half a crossword in Take A Break magazine, says please and thank you once in a while and seeking whoever because her clock's ticking.  According to many sources the world is supposed to end in five months and we're simply running out of time."


Monday, 2 July 2012

Post Man, Psychiatrist or Gloria Estefan?

It recently came to my attention that the best person to assess a client with Mental Health needs is in fact, the Postman. Firstly, yes I have been taking my lithium. Now, think about it, the Postman, if a regular to the same address, ticks the box that good Psychiatry practices, but very often fails.


I once advocated on behalf of a client who saw a different Psychiatrist every quarterly session for four years, each time having the same introductory conversation over again and each doctor had different views about medication so that changed more often than Gloria Estefan's outfit in a pop video.

My Postie has seen me every morning for the last six years and must have witnessed the cycle that is Manic Depression over and over. He's experienced the gibbering insomniac who won't let him leave “Just one game of Kerplunk” to refusing to open the door for paranoid days on end. He can tell I'm overspending by daily multiple packages and red letters. He sees my fluctuating weight, he sees me glammed up to the max one morning and can tell when I've not got dressed all week.

Sometimes the poor man has reverted back to knock door bunk leaving Amazon parcels outside my front door for the world to help themselves to. (It's good to know that other adults are playing knock door bunk as I was a late developer in the world of student nights and partying, I played knock door bunk, alone, until I was nineteen. Where I grew up many women had a family of four by then.

It's therefore no wonder that clients, who meet a Psychiatrist for the first time and receive a full diagnosis fifty minutes later, sometimes get re-diagnosed by a different Psychiatrist later in life, having not only been taking the incorrect medication during that time, but have had to come to terms with a condition they didn't actually have.

Last week I went to visit a friend who's currently staying in a Psychiatric hospital. On arrival the doctor was very reluctant to let me see him and I had to say I was a staff member from a Mental Health service to get in. He told me I can have five minutes and to prepare myself as he was extremely high (manic) and so I took a deep breath and went to find him. I can honestly say he was as manic as he usually is and no more, but having not known him prior to admission the doctor wouldn't know that.

Well, I never thought I'd be putting Royal Mail on a pedestal, they are after all up there in the top five things we Brits love moaning about, alongside the weather, husbands, public transport and banks. But then I'm the crazy customer that sends thank you cards to credit card companies and takes chocolates into Specsavers. Maybe one day I'll send Interflora some flowers...