Monday, 9 April 2012

"Mummy, What's Manic Depression?"

Trying to explain manic depression to a four old can't be easy. 
Trying to explain it to a pet guinea pig is near impossible. They couldn't even understand that the reason I let them stay up last night is because it's a bank holiday. 

Wednesday, 4 April 2012

New York, Brick Lane and ASDA Meat Aisle

Today somebody asked me for an example of a time when I was just a bit  - as in still in control - manic but totally inappropriate. I literally had to pull one out of a bag as there are so many but as we were enjoying a dirty burger this afternoon in Brick Lane my mind jumped straight to the meat aisle in ASDA when a close relative called. I told her that I was in a hospital in New York as a result of a drunken fall during a hen bash, but because we were only away for the weekend I didn't bother with insurance and the doctors couldn't stitch my gaping head wound up without $3,949 and could she transfer it over. I thought she'd appreciate it. She had a panic attack and had to go to hospital herself.

I call it foot in mouth disease, where your brain can't catch up with your mouth.

Surely she would've noticed a local ring tone? Unless the meat aisle in ASDA is a porthole to a parallel place, it happens.

Besides, $3,949 in sterling is less, around £2,469.20 .

You get good burgers and other fun food down the strip where is Cafe 1001 and The Big Chill Bar. For the record Rough Trade is down there too. (See what I did there?)

I have ASDA deliver to my door now. Much safer.