About Me & Contact

When I grow up I'm going to marry Noel Edmunds

I am Kerry Hudson, and live in East London amongst the underground artists, beatnik poets and miss-understood musicians. I live with 5 overweight girls and unfortunately one had to be put down. They’re my guinea pigs and loves of my life (they hate me).

Worked in both comedy and music industry and I still don't have a coke problem. Written for TV, radio, stage, stand up, mainly sketch comedy and writing gags for the big grown up comics who have taken over TV. Other than that I have a career history I call Multiple Personnel Disorder - from comedienne to psychiatric nursing and from porn shop assistant to WI events organiser.

Currently in journalism, and am working on a book about living with bipolar disorder. 

I am probably known best for playing the "Now Christmas Album" all year round. I play drums, guitar, and make kitsch home
ware.http://www.etsy.com/shop/nanscabinet and http://nanscabinet.blogspot.com/ 

Manic Depression has sabotaged most elements of my life but can fuel my creativity. I've been in and out of psyche wards and also caravan holidays like Butlins and I sometimes question the difference between the two.

You can contact me on kerryluvain@gmail.com or tweet me at seesawseating.