Friday, 20 July 2012

The Dating Game

I joined the writing team of N16 magazine this month, and also became part of the writing team for Mental Healthy (formerly Uncovered magazine) who I've written for before, two amazing, insightful and colorful mags, and what with the recent Jubilee, my current exhibition and the Olympics coming up I've been making a LOT of bunting, so, I haven't been blogging much. The article above (and thats me) is about my very own dating (disasters). Here's an extract..

"I wonder how much time it would save us in the long run if we were just as honest as we possibly can be on our dating profiles. Here's mine for example.. “Female, early thirties, living in vibrant area of London, textiles artist, loves documentaries, live music, is fun, intelligent, kind seeking similar man.” What I really mean is “Female (true), mid thirties, living in ex housing estate in close to the Hackney riots, does knitting, watches Women Who Kill and Embarrassing Bodies every night, been to see Chas N' Dave (twice), is lively and prone to mood swings if forgets medication, can complete half a crossword in Take A Break magazine, says please and thank you once in a while and seeking whoever because her clock's ticking.  According to many sources the world is supposed to end in five months and we're simply running out of time."


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