Thursday, 28 March 2013

I dream of sleeping

I haven’t posted for a while, been so distracted, and I forget stuff as soon as I think it.
Six and a half hour spending sprees, but on the plus side, no pets.
Nights out, most nights, I can’t remember remembering.
Very little sleep.. even on promethazine and zopiclone combined.
Feeling so high - as in measurement, not morphine - someone tried to mug me the other night and I spat a big fat swear word in his face.
So scatty I keep forgetting my lithium.
Brain so fast haven’t been able to work, it can’t keep up.
But this isn’t mania, mania was last November, mania was putting my address on facebook and inviting anyone to come over and help themselves to anything in my house, mania was throwing the remaining anything off the balcony.
All I want to do is sleep for more than four hours a night. When your mind is on overdrive but your body is exhausted all you can do is lie there and buzz. Sometimes my alarm goes off right next to me but I don’t notice for ages. I had to set my alarm to a Chas n Dave song thinking it would annoy the hell out of me and break me out of the charged up pulse but no.

On a slightly more interesting note, I’m exhibiting at “Creative Journeys” Hackney Museum Gallery for three months, it covers the history of mental health in the East End of London. See photo’s above plus a LOT of knitting.

I love you.

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