Monday, 7 October 2013

Haunted dentures, dodgy perms and my naked interview

Its been a while since I've posted.. have been up and down more times than the Grand old Duke of Yorks' ten thousand men. And distracted by boys. And board games. And Take A Break and Chat! magazines (always good to know that other people are suffering more than me, see pic's ffs) and I have recently learn't that Eastenders is in fact not actually a reality show - although I really do need to stop stalking Teat A Break/Chat! victims on Facebook.

Had a live interview with LBC on the breakfast show this morning - in the nod, half smug as.. half paranoid Nick Ferrari and his 1.2 million listeners knew - as MIND have just launched a campaign to create a better justice system for crime victims with mental health (we are 3x more likely to be a victim of.. 10x for a woman). I think I'm one of the very few that have had positive experiences with the Police in my hour of need, but then I'm banned from so it's only fair.

MIND asked me to blog all about it. Here's some dark bedtime reading for y'all..

I better go.. there is a boy in my bed.. 


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