Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Forensic Radio

This started out as a shower curtain I made but in coincided with an exhibition at Core Arts in East London based on childhood memories and these are hits for the eighties and nineties (my childhood). I went for colour rather than the cool factor which I started to regret as I stood cringing in the corner of the exhibition launch as people studied in detail. Many of the tapes are "mixed tapes" which if made by teenage (he's the one) boyfriends, I used to try and crack love codes in the song titles which didn't exist. Others are when I used to tape the top forty, holding my finger down on pause JUST as Mike Reed started talking over the song - I never forgave him for that until recently,  many of the above records are his, purchased on a record stall in broadway market, rumor had it that Mike Reed went bust and sold his records, but then a jacket on the opposite stall was worn by Kurt Cobain in 1996 even though he died in 1994 - where I'd dance like mad round my six by four bedroom and do "emergency stops" which meant throwing myself on the bed and acting casual when one of my parents came in, like musical chairs for teenagers.

Back in those days, when us girls were thinking of breaking up with our boyfriends, we'd start to tape their records. For some reason they never clocked on. I guess these days we'd start copying their itunes,  but as for being a grown up, the emergency stops still apply, especially when I'm dancing round the living room to the theme tune from catchphrase.

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