Friday, 8 July 2011

Cows sit down before it rains

I think I am starting to calm down now. According to recent tests the lithium is finally showing up in my blood, so hopefully I can stay or go just above 1000mg. Short list of successes to add to my CV are the following..

I had a shower - although the act of standing upright for more than three minutes feels like a non-sponsored half marathon, there is something very protective about being dirty, like another layer of sweat to keep you warm. Besides, whilst I smell more appealing to my pets it wards off other people.

I changed my clothes - having managed to spill everything down myself, I resorted to wearing a cooking apron, however, my boyfriend pointed out that I also put it on just before a mood swing came along and I'm wondering if this is in league with cows sit down when just before it rains. Worth noting as a preventative measure.

I changed my bedding - having spent up to twenty hours out of twenty four I am sure I am in breach of  health and safety issues within the borough of Hackney.

I left the flat - I went to interview an artist for a publishing website, there is only so many times a week you can say "can we do it tomorrow" before you have to say "can we do it next week".

I tidied the flat - when I am low, or high, or in mixed state (when you are both - my least favourite yet most often) it's like I've swallowed a magnifying glass and everything looks messier than it is, and colours, shapes, dimensions, layers are all enhanced and it's consuming and suffocating and no matter where I am in the world, if I know my flat is a mess I'm a nightmare, in a nightmare.

Onwards and upwards! 

The sun IS coming out after drenched couple of days and I'm going Camping tomorrow. I'll be packing my apron.

Pic - one of my stills currently up at the Core Arts Summer Exhibition London

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