Monday, 25 July 2011

RIP Amy Winehouse

Well Amy sadly passed away  on Saturday leaving hundreds of thousands of mourning fans in shock. Of course there's always a few people starved of emotional intelligence who get there mobile phones out and start tweeting what a crack whore she was and then scan the net for sick jokes to upload to Facebook, but the reality is, dependancy is a condition, bulimia is a condition, and this woman was ill. Whether or not the rumours about Amy being diagnosed with bipolar are true, I cannot stress enough the importance of taking medication prescribed by your GP. I've met many people suffering from dual diagnosis (where mental health and addiction are present) and seen what happens when they don't take their meds, even just for a few days. 

Hmm.. I feel like I'm giving out the "Just Say No" message in reverse, so I'm going to link up.

RIP Amy.

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