Sunday, 27 November 2011

RIP Gary Speed

It just doesn't make sense that within 24 hours of this recording Gary Speed committed suicide.


  1. Since when did behavior resulting bi-polar disorder make sense? The day before my mom took her life, we had the most natural phone conversation in the world about the holidays and whatever else. When a person with BPD has finally conceded to take their own life, it just is. A person can very well just want to disappear.

  2. The demise of Gary Speed is a big blow to many football fans. Speed will be missed dearly for sure. Read more about Gary Speed Death here. One thing is for sure. Speed may be gone but in the eyes of football, he will live on as a Wales Legend.

  3. @Dark Scorpion, yes, he was and still is a legend.
    @Sublicon, so sorry for your loss, no son should have to go through that.xx