Monday, 28 November 2011

Sertreline and Jellybabies

I haven't been blogging much since the summer, three reasons..

1- Blog block (try repeating that after necking a glass of cava) where it's not that I haven't got anything to say, I have too much to say and I can't decide what to say first, a bit like "option overload" artist Alex Ingram calls it (he's the guy I tried to interview about his new book but instead just had a heated debate about whether mini cheddars are biscuits or crisps).

2 - I'm trapped underneath a 1940's brick a brac stall - during a mild manic phase in the summer (at which time I had stopped taking all meds) I got given a sewing machine and made twelve sausage dogs/draft excluders, ten toilet roll dolls (five of which hand knitted), six lavender eye masks, twenty four lavender bags, eight pin cushions, one hundred and twenty bunting flags, five hand knitted cakes, six patchwork cushion covers, and thirty two hand made cards. Four months later I'm still clearing up!

3 - Lastly, in the last few weeks I've fallen into a deep depression and it is so hard to write when I'm low - even though I squeezed out an article for Mental Healthy (formerly Uncovered) magazine - and currently taking time off getting to grips with Sertreline as a last resort (I hate taking SSRI's they feel so unclean, especially on top of lithium because they pull you in different directions). So it's PJ's, cups of tea and Jelly Babies, True Movie channel(s), Take a Break magazine(s) and staring at the guinea pigs.


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