Friday, 6 January 2012

Chasing Moods - Soho House or Wetherspoons?

One of my favourite writing partners Andy Ross, the talent behind Food bands such as Blur, Jesus Jones, PWEI etc.. and I used to write about the music industry in swanky places such as Soho and Shoreditch House - the inspiration was in there propped up against bars with the fake laughter and gold cards - until we discovered a mutual fondness of  Wetherspoons and train station pubs, the ones where the light bulbs flicker and the place smells of bleach, and you can't help watching people. These are the people I fear becoming when I'm older - drinking alone all day, or, drinking with their partners but not exchanging a single word other than "Same again?" for four hours.

This is what I call "chasing moods" when I'm up I'm propped up at the bar in Soho House (no doubt filling in housing benefit forms - I like a good "Class Pick N Mix") and when I'm low you can find me in Wetherspoons. Who knows, on a 50/50 day you'll probably find me in the Asda Cafe!

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