Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Warning! Mixed with alcohol makes you spin

I came downstairs this morning and ran straight back up again "Nail! There's a man downstairs! He was looking right at me!" Nail runs downstairs, and calmly back up again "Kerry it's the cleaner" the same cleaner that has been cleaning the corridors in five years.

Perhaps stopping Sertaline without reduction was a bad idea after all. I'm already starting to get the heebeegeebees (or as Nail said if ghosts were in the form of the Bee Gees they'd be the heebeebeegees) as I yesterday wondered if my cremated guinea pig Brave Barbara was still alive in her urn.

But I am sick and bored of what I turn into when I've had a drink since on Sertraline, imagine a premenstrual Angie Watts after injecting red bull. On Sunday I came downstairs to smashed glass in the kitchen, an angry boyfriend on the sofa, no memory past demanding Kareoke Duets on the stereo so I retrieved the evidence from a litre bottle of vodka which I expected to be half full to find it was almost full. I'm not thirteen anymore I don't fill bottles of spirits up to the mark with water to drink ten years later and get sick, I'm drinking small amounts, blacking out during which time I'm being more manic than Father Noel Furlong on speed with a fully charged batter up his...

Setraline affects everyone differently, pending dosage, combination with other meds, diagnosis etc.. so don't worry if you've just been prescribed them.

Ironically I'm researching Psychopharmological effects of alcohol on the brain for an article I'm writing on Dual Diagnosis. I had to have a nap after I cam across that word!

Pic is one of my latex and one of Nails' collectables' experiments. Thats what happens when you talk through Eastenders.

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