Monday, 27 June 2011

Lithium and Internet Dating. Oh, and Alison Moyet.

Patience has never been one of my favourite things. To me, waiting rooms are where you get sent to spend your afterlife if you were pretty f*cking out of order in this life. I've been on lithium six weeks now and it's still not "in range" in my blood. This means two things..

Firstly, every seven days now (exactly twelve hours after the last dose) I have a blood test - again, not one of my favourite things, I'd rather stare at a bus timetable with my eyelids held open long enough until I see Alison Moyet in the cluster of numbers - which so far have been negative which means the dose gets increased, and then another blood test and so on, and the so on can go on for months. 

Secondly, I had to come off everything before I started lithium so there is no mood stabiliser, anti-depressant or anti-psychotic propping me up (I'm sneaking a glass of chardonnay into my system whilst no-one's looking). So I am pretty much "empty" at the moment, and this glorious thirty degree British weekend has been a dominos effect of bad luck - had to pack up my Grans house as she has lost the plot and gone into nursing home, tried to talk to my mother about lithium to which she does what she always does.. walk away/change subject/both, my guinea pig has a heart attack and dies in front of me, I missed one of my best friends' hen doo but still ruined it for her because no one told me it was supossed to be a surprise and yes, I shouted out on facebook "can't wait to see you at your hen, later, today" to then of course miss it anyway - also, side effects of lithium combined with the heat are making me feel like I'm going through cold turkey, my moods are swinging like two fat kids on a seesaw and I have a dead animal in an addidas shoe box to transport to the afterlife. 

I'm actually thinking about using the above as my "about me" on an internet dating website profile. 

Pic.. one of a series of my prints in the Core Arts Summer exhibition from Friday 2nd July 2011 

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  1. Kerry, how do you manage to make something awful crack me up all at the same time? Sending lots of love and lithium-raising vibes. Xx