Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Are pets aware of bank holidays?

I hate to admit it but I don't actually feel any different other than "clean" in that the old stuff must be out of my blood by now but I can't feel the new stuff in there. I've been put up twice since my last post currently on 500mg but am still doing the following..

Talking shit - Learning that lithium is a metal and used in aircraft I woke my boyfriend up to ask him "What happens if you wake up tomorrow next to an aeroplane?" to which he gave me that knowing look and went back to sleep.

Manic purchasing - Having purchased a roll of wonder-web (men, it's for dressmaking purposes) I came home to find it was the best purchase I've ever made so I went back to the shop and bought every roll they had left in the shop (thirty-two, in theory sixteen packs of two)

Mood swings - Have been swinging more than a piss up in the roaring twenties and as usual it's everyone else's fault.

Highs (Unrealistic thoughts/idolistic fantasies) - I do enjoy these, but only up to the point I remember they're not real. I can't cure cancer, will never be in Eastenders and my pet rodents are not aware of bank holidays.

A doctor said it can take up to two months for lithium to kick in. So I'll give it another five weeks, then if I still feel low I may go buy some cucumbers*

*For dated purposes, there is currently an outbreak of e-coli induced death and cucumbers have been blamed.

Pic - just some of my pet rodents

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