Thursday, 25 August 2011

Caffiene, Cocaine, Cherryade Or Just Plain Mania?

Admittedly I'm as high as a kite!!

It's like I've downed a spoon full of coffee granules dusted with cocaine down with cherryade - the hard cheap stuff at birthday parties when you were five. My shoulders are permanently hunched, my hands are shaking and ideas are flowing in (and out) of my brain  at the speed of light. I have so/too much to do in these short sharp hours of this finger click of a day. 

I did go with the boyfriend to see his therapist this afternoon - between manic bouts of knitting - to give my support, but there's a fine, paper cut line between offering support and not letting either of them get a word in edge ways with my ramblings. 

Whether that happened in the room or in my head I don't know but I'll perhaps show my support by not going next time.

pic: dried chilli's. the good hard stuff.

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