Thursday, 25 August 2011

My name is Mark Hollis

Seems kind of weird that I'm in my thirtees now and still need parental control switched on on the TV. 

Porn addiction? No. 
Disturbing RSPCA commercials? Usually but not this time. 
Footage of eightiees pop band Talk Talk? YES. 

Something surreal very recently happened to me. Bear in mind I've been on a rocketing 1250mg of lithium daily. All my senses have been heightened - I've been hearing stuff in the house I'd never heard before like air cons, distant trains, next door but one's favourite method of pleasuring himself - and my vision has been so blurry I haven't been able to work, words on screens manifest then disappear, think doing ketamin on a trampoline. 

I became hooked on certain visual stimuli like my life depended on it and there happened to be some footage of Mark Hollis from Talk Talk on Sky Arts and I got sucked into him, like a drowning sensation through into his veins, and I actually, sort of, though very convinced, thought I was him, Mark Hollis, and this went on for nearly two days. I was obsessed, talked of/played/thought about no-one else.

My partner Nail made the mistake of teling me that his band, Bent, had contacted  Hollis re doing some vocals and had a response (a letter) somewhere when just fed my obsession than satisfied it "I need that letter!!" I screamed. 

So Nail marched me to my GP who told me I was having a reaction to the lithium (or the dose of) so I've reduced down to 750mg via 1000mg where I'm still in range (lithium blood count) so am at a theraputic dose to prevent episodes. 

So a little red (manic), a little blue, (blue) but I have no plans for a come back tour. 

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  1. I loved to read that as I share the obsession about Mark Hollis with you.
    Everything about him has gotten me deeply into a (hopefully) neverending era of adoring Hollis.
    Everything about him; the way he is on the stage, the way he talks about music, his voice and philosophy...

    and oh.... his past image... half long hair and eyes hidden by sunglasses.... (L)