Monday, 12 December 2011

Meeting Brian Cox

Yesterday I had the pleasure of meeting Professor Brian Cox. This was because I am going to be researching high energy particle physics for his next book.

As often happens, I'm getting confused with someone else,  this was actually a book signing. Unfortunately I had to spend £20 on a book I won't understand and queue for an hour in the rain to have my fifteen seconds with Brian, during which time I couldn't really strike a conversation with him because I wouldn't be able to talk him about physics' patterns just as he wouldn't (I'm assuming) be able to talk to me about knitting patterns.

I saw my psychiatrist in the queue but couldn't get his attention, but managed to get a photo of him talking to Brian, and later told my partner I'll print it out and give it to him (psych) in a Christmas card next week, to which he replied "Don't be so ridiculous, he'll discharge you". Following a failed attempt to bake a cake for him a few weeks back he's probably right.

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