Friday, 3 December 2010

The ones that keep me going..

Just wanting to share one of my favourite comments to date and to raise awareness to his own blog. said..

Hi Kerry
I just wanted to say thank you for your blog.
I've been suffering from depression all my life but in the last decade it has reached the extreme and I now feel quite disabled by it.
I have started my own blog which you might link to on yours if you like.
By comparison with yours my blog is stuffy, dull, abstract and lifeless. Well, maybe that's a description of me! What I love about yours is the fun, humour LIFE in it. You are an amazing writer, very funny, very honest, very insightful. My way of having a support community has been to attend support groups here in Northern Ireland but I think that now have another source of comfort and support: blogs like yours. And just as the best thing about support groups is the amount of laughter we have there - and we do laugh at our situation A LOT! - your insights and wisdom are couched in humour.
Many many thsnks from a sufferer. I will be spreading the word and adding a link to you on my blog. Please keep it up.
David Hughes

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