Friday, 7 January 2011

Gentlemen's Clubs of Mayfair v Community Centers of East London

"Just put things into perspective" Thats what people (think you want to hear) say when you're faced with a problem. I am wondering what it is about finance companies such as creditors, debt creditors that is (bear with me) that call you on CHRISTMAS EVE and tell you you're in the red. Well, following this particular seasons greeting in a tie in a call centre somebody told me to "Put it into perspective" and do you know what? Yes. I can. £1,200 is only the same sum as two bottles of champagne in a gentlemen's club in Mayfair I once worked. It was a spot of prestige and sophistication in the heart of the rich (and married) mens "networking weekend" quarters. It was no East London Community Centre. The way this place worked, was, us girls would sit in the empty club dolled up in frocks, heels, lashes, extensions.. making pot noodles, reading Take A Break and having belching competitions, then a siren sounding similar to the three minute warning would do off and blue flashing light would beam the room and we'd shove everything into the back room, get on the dance floor and do our Kylie moves. This meant gentlemen were on their way, and would pick a girl to sit and drink Champagne with. EXPENSIVE champagne with. And, not only was is boring enough listening to their tales of money, success, boats, golf, properties etc.. we were NOT allowed to drink the Champagne. There were Wet stations throughout the club, the bar, the ladies, behind curtains etc.. and we had to pour our glass of champagne down the sink and refill with sparkling apple juice. Thats a £600 bottle - around £100 a glass, down the sink, and Lidl's sparkling apple in it's place. So, yes, I "put it into perspective" and felt like I'd been cheated twice instead!

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