Friday, 7 January 2011

Happy (yes Happy) new year!

Happy new year! (And not a single cynical or negative phrase in that three word sentence - well done me - coming from someone that booked a course in CBT a few years ago and couldn't do it being so cynical and negative but unconsciously lived my "thinking" life with it ever since). It's been a few weeks since my last post and I've had a bit of a slap on the wrist from my supporters. Truth is, whilst I've been in Berlin and Glasgow (because getting stuck in snowed in Airports is my favorite thing) it's also been Christmas and new year, a time when you start thinking, or over thinking about where the hell the last year went, where the next years going, and whilst it's exciting, it's also f***ing depressing (there - I knew it wouldn't take long). I actually found myself fantasizing about being one of these people whose life is safely written out before them - get up and eat and go to bed at the same time on the dot every day, go to his mums on Mondays, my sisters on Wednesdays, late night shopping at Lakeside on Thursdays, takeaway on Fridays and spend all weekend fixing things in the house - it all sounds so simple and comfortable (like chocolate to the brain) but in reality my routine (or organized chaos as I've been advised to rename it) starts with writing a "to do" list which involves spending twice the time writing it, scanning in, power-pointing it, printing it and repeating the process as actually doing it!

So it's 2011, hurrah! and oh. My new years resolutions are as follows..

1- Get a Tesco's club card
2 - Stop bursting into ballads in public
3 - Be honest (a polite way of saying "Stop lying" in that when people say "Are you ok?" Do not zip up your clown suit and pretend you didn't hear them. Apparently the biggest lie the British tell is "Fine" when asked if they are ok.)
4 - Stop getting over excited about something and never do anything about it
5 - All the above

.. and good luck with yours! xxxx

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