Friday, 7 January 2011

Tis the season to be trollied..

Well Christmas came and went but my tree stays up until March (there is apparently no law about taking it down on the twelfth night, but consumer cleaning product pushing and I will not be taken to caught for Carol singing outside my own front door in April either). Apparently the average person eats 7000 calories on Christmas day and stupidly I weighed myself on Christmas day and I'm sure that is considered self harm in the USA. Drinking. Well.. I volunteer in an alcohol centre (a day rehabilitation program not Oddbins) and I know this is the toughest time of the year for many of them. Drinking, or being drunk is something I like to sum up in two contexts. There's necking plonk and getting drunk, and then there's non-plonk related drunk behavior. The latter was one of the concerns that lead to my diagnosis - I hadn't so much as touched plonk in nine months yet I portrayed very drunk behavior, hyper, aggressive, insomnia, wreckless, not turning up for work, sleeping with people (by accident - it's amazing where you can land when you trip up) and then of course the agoraphobic near suicidal hang-over that follows. There were no bar tabs, voddy on tic or raiding drinks cabinets, just an "episode" in a glass.

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