Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Climbing The Mania Ladder.. in Hackney Central

Many GP's are still unaware that prescribing anti-depressants to patients with bipolar disorder is like giving them cocaine, unless they're taking a mood stabilizer at the same time. It can send us high, and into a rapid cycling frenzy. Ideally only psychiatrists should be allowed to prescribe but then we'd need more of them. And now I'm actually starting to bore myself so I'll get to the point.

It's even a risk taking anti-depressants if you're on mood-stabilizers too and yesterday my CPN (community practice nurse - they come to your house and you can watch The Bill together and eat cake) said to me "You must tell me if feel like you're getting high" Of course. "It's really important that you don't get too high" I know. And I do know, but I can't help thinking it's a bit like... 

When you try on the perfect dress, it gives you the sexiest shape, brings out a glistening skin tone, there's one left and it's half price. How easy would it be to put back?

Or after a long week of staying late at work you order a bottle of crisp dry white wine and when the waiter pours a drop for you to try it feels like diamonds on your tongue. And by the way it's complimentary because you complain all the time. Would you send it back??

Or you meet THE one after three years of subscriptions, they tick ALL your boxes, you've met three times and each time they get hotter and funnier and they've just booked you both a weekend on a barge (by the way you love barges). Would you knock it on the head???

But unfortunately, dresses get stuff spilt down them, wine gives you a hangover and  relationships cause heartache, so, soon as I feel the need to get the ladder, and tie bunting to every lamp post in Hackney Central I'll let my CPN know. 

And then take his cake away.

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