Thursday, 1 March 2012

Romantic Idealizations of the Manic Phase.

Typical bipolar thinking is that everyone involved in our case (care co-ordinator, CNP, Psychiatrist, Therapist, GP Pharmacist) get together for a drink and talk about us (singular us, we are they're favourite client) and how amazing we are. And when they are on annual leave (which may feel like all the time but it's just coincidently when we have appointments booked) they come back early because they miss our notes (which is why they couldn't face going abroad in the first place) the clinical equivalent of Facebook addicts. The WORST thing that a doctor/therapist etc can say during this phase is "Remind me what dose are you on again?" which would crush all romantic idealization, they should have it engraved on the sand sculpture they have of us in their hallway.

Automatically I'm assuming that my whole team read this blog, even though I am not currently in that phase, I actually think I AM their favourite.

My meds go up today.

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