Thursday, 25 November 2010

Happy Soddin' Birthday

The weekend just gone I celebrated my fifth birthday - On the 19th November 2005, I was first diagnosed with Bipolar disorder 2. (I went for an in denial second assessment a few months later, and for £270 I was told the exact same thing). I had a birthday party to match the occasion - one guest, one balloon, non-alcoholic lager and a small cake (with three candles, as a woman I like people to think I'm a couple of years younger than I really am) and unenthusiastic paper hats cello-taped to our heads. I couldn't make he rational decision to listen to music or watch Catchphrase as both are equally important to me so instead I danced to Catchphrase. (See Pic)
The party started at 8pm and by 9pm I stopped the party, kicked out my guest and went to bed.
I simply can't wait for my tenth.

I'm starting to think Keith is haunting my blog, hence the apparition in the pic.

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