Friday, 16 December 2011

Anita Dobson V Miss World

I'm chuffed to bits with the huge (positive) response I had from my last article (The Mail On Sunday one) and what I've really enjoyed are the emails from complete strangers who themselves or partners suffer from bipolar, thanking me for the honesty, insights and humour (although I am often not aware of this, in blog life or real life).

I carry a copy in my handbag, because being episodal manic I have tendencies to make things up. Not for showing off like doing the splits or knowing all the words to Any One Can Fall In Love (which I nearly do), but because it's sometimes easy to get carried away with grandiose thoughts and believe I've done something when I haven't (or to the extent). Therefore when I get that knowing look and I can whip it out and show them.

My next unrealistic goal I aim to achieve.. Miss World.

Pic.. Emma Pyne and me when we took a comedy show to Edinburgh Festival 2006.

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