Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Manic Episodes Are Cleaner Than Cocaine

Now the festive chaos is running dry, with all it's family  feuds, board game strops and remote control murders,  New Years Eve approaches. 

Not that the majority of people who live in London know where to go for NYE, it suddenly dawns on you at 5.30pm when you're ironing your glad rags that you've no idea what you're doing, so you ring round your mates to see what their plans are but they're all engaged doing the same thing.

NYE is, I find, rather over-rated, it's the same as any other night except you have to pay to get in, queue at the bar for longer, you can't sit down, and everyone holds hands and sings a song together. You can do that in church for free.

And many people spend most of the day (and night) darting across London on a mission to get some cocaine to find that it's not in fact cocaine. 

Fact: The average amount of cocaine in cocaine in London is less than 10%

Unfortunately many people believe they can't have a good night without (what they think is) cocaine, I once used to think the same, but the way I see it now is.. I already talk at people about complete rubbish at full speed and have episodes where I think I'm bloody amazing, I don't NEED cocaine to do that for me.

It makes me wonder if I should be bottling up my manic episodes and selling them for NYE but less than 10% of course.

Another fact: People with bipolar are much more likely to take cocaine or other substances as a form of self medicating or mood matching.

Pic: Snowball I made from clay and cotton. In fact I made them in bulk if anyone's interested.

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