Tuesday, 20 December 2011

My Letter To Take A Break Magazine

Dear Top Tips editor

Every Christmas I am disappointed beyond belief with the crap (you can print "unsatisfactory") present in my Christmas Cracker. I wait all year for a miniature comb or shoe horn that I can't even use.

So this year I have crafted my own Christmas Crackers, consisting of my own rubbish jokes and oversized hats, but "useful" gifts, such as razors, condoms, cocodamol, oxo cubes, laxatives, cotton buds, lip balm, lemsips, wind tablets, plant food, a roll up, chewing gum, and, I get to slip in my business card for networking opportunities.

Yours hopefully

Kerry of Hackney

(PS If you make this fabulous tip Tip Of The Month I will let you advertise on my blog for free.)

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