Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Sertraline and Alcohol

As much as I like to keep this blog entertaining, it's also important that I keep it factual as I know other people who read this have or care for other people that are affected by mental health. So here is the most important thing I have learnt this month.

Sertraline and alcohol do NOT mix well together.

After three isolated incidents this month where I have..

a) Thrown up on somebody else (repetitively)
b) Spoken to a film crew who do not exist
c) Chose the worst thing you can possibly say to somebody and then say it

.. I did a bit of digging. Firstly, alcohol consumed on top of any SSRI (Citalipran, Venofaxin, Fluoxitine, Seroxat etc) will get you drunk much quicker. This sounds like a good thing because you will spend less, but you will also be picking sick out of your hair and crying to Chas n Dave whilst people are still arriving. Secondly, SSRI's can increase the want to drink alcohol. I also think that because SSRI's make you dehydrated, you drink more and quicker. 

I spoke to a couple of people, one on Citalipran the other on Fluoxitine who both concluded that when they drink on these they "went mad" and did things they wouldn't usually do or behave in a way that isn't them.

Luckily for me I still think it's cool to drink Shandies between mouth fulls of pork scratchings so hopefully from now on I can save my Chas n Dave moment for much later on. 

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